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Posted by Anonymous on Mon 17th Feb 2014 05:04
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  8. Assassins Creed 3 Trainer/Editor
  9. ====================================
  16. ------------------
  17. You need Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5 or higher, otherwise the trainer will crash.
  18. You can download it here:
  19. (You must install it only once)
  22. Using this Trainer
  23. ------------------
  24. Launch the trainer first, then launch the Game and then Press F1 at the Main Menu.
  25. Listen for "Trainer Activated".
  26. Press desired hotkey (trainer) and/or select a value and press INSERT key (editor) to change it.
  29. Options (Trainer)
  30. -------
  32. Numpad 1: Infinite Health
  33. Numpad 2: Always Run (Optional Always Sprint For Horse)
  34. Numpad 3: Save Location
  35. Numpad 4: Teleport
  36. Numpad 5: Undo Teleport
  37. Numpad 6: Teleport To Waypoint Location
  38. Numpad 7: Teleport To Mission Objective
  39. Numpad 8: Refill Ammo(Optional Refill Arrows)
  40. Numpad 9: Refill Tools
  41. Numpad 0: Freeze World Around You
  42. Numpad /: Fly Mode
  43. Numpad *: Stealth Mode
  44. Numpad -: No Reload
  45. I: While Fly Mode is activated - Move Forward
  46. K: While Fly Mode is activated - Move Back
  47. J: While Fly Mode is activated - Move Left
  48. L: While Fly Mode is activated - Move Right
  49. O: While Fly Mode is activated - Move Up
  50. P: While Fly Mode is activated - Move Down
  51. Teleport Map: Boston
  53. Options (Editor)
  54. -------
  55. Edit: Player Size
  56. Edit: Money
  57. Edit: Ammo
  58. Edit: Smoke Bombs
  59. Edit: Arrows
  60. Edit: Rope Darts
  61. Edit: Poisen Darts
  62. Edit: Trap Mines
  63. Edit: Snares
  64. Edit: Baits
  65. Edit: Player X Coord
  66. Edit: Player Y Coord
  67. Edit: Player Z Coord
  68. Toggle: Auto Refill Ammo
  69. Toggle: Camera Hack (Zoom In, Zoom Out, Increase Camera Height)
  70. Toggle: Always Run affects (Human / Horse)
  71. Lots of feature customizations!
  73. Notes
  74. -------
  75. - General:
  76. CHOOSE AC3 VERSION FIRST! Select either 'Ubisoft Digital' or 'Steam' on the trainer.
  78. - Teleport Map:
  79. Open map on the editor by pressing the button at 'editor' tab. Click everywhere on the map, a dot appears. Right click on the dot and click on 'teleport'.
  80. This is an experimental feature and you'll teleported closely to the location you've choosen only. Currently it works for 'Boston' only. More cities will follow based on the amount of requests.
  82. - Infinite Health:
  83. Prevents you from taken damage. However if you fall too far you'll die.
  85. - Always Run:
  86. No need to hold right mouse button anymore. Toogle this option on and you will run all the time. To deactivate press this option again.
  88. - Edit Money:
  89. Edit money and gamble, buy something or get money legally before it takes effect. You need at least 1 dollar.
  91. - Edit Player Size:
  92. Decrease player size by changing value to '0,5' for example. Don't use DOTS!
  94. - Teleport To Waypoint:
  95. Open map by pressing TAB key ingame. Set a NEW waypoint. Close map and press hotkey. The game doesn't store the height coordinate of the location you choose. In case you're stucking somewhere change the height in the editor. I also recommend to save your location before using this to restore if necessary.
  96. If you stuck inside of an object, edit player coords on the editor to fix it manually.
  98. - Teleport To Mission:
  99. Press this hotkey to teleport to your current mission objective. If the mission holds more than one objective it will be randomly choosen. BE CAREFUL with this feature. Save your location before using it.
  100. If you stuck inside of an object, edit player coords on the editor to fix it manually.
  102. - Edit/Refill Ammo/Tools
  103. Doesn't work if it isn't unlocked. Means if you're early at the beginning and never had any weapon before, it won't work.
  104. Refill tools will refill the following tools: Smoke Bombs, Rope Darts, Poisen Darts, Trap Mines, Snares and Baits.
  106. - Freeze World Around You:
  107. All characters and most objects will be frozen at their current place, except yourself. This might cause visual glitches but should be harmless. Please be careful with this option if you really need it for a mission.
  109. - Fly Mode:
  110. Activate this option and your position is locked. Use hotkeys to move around or through objects.
  111. Warning, save your location first so you can restore it if necessary. There is a high chance the player will stuck or die somewhere when using this feature.
  113. - Stealth Mode:
  114. Does not work when you're already hunted by the templars. It takes a while to load the address, so you can not use it immediatly after activating the trainer. If the trainer hooked the address, you'll hear a sound when pressing hotkey that it's activated.
  116. - No Reload:
  117. Does not affect ship weapons.
  119. - Auto Refill Ammo:
  120. Refills your ammo automatically if it's empty.
  122. - Feature Customizer:
  123. Some combinations will trigger the sound '(de)activated' twice. This can not be avoid.
  126. Customize Hotkeys
  127. -------
  128. Change hotkeys directly on the trainer/editor by selecting your desired hotkey via a drop down menu.
  129. To save hotkeys press right mouse button on a hotkey and press save button on context menu.
  130. A file will be created inside of the trainer/editor directory. If this file is missing or damaged the standard hotkey setup will be loaded.
  133. Troubleshooting
  134. ------------------

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