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Posted by Anonymous on Thu 6th Feb 2014 08:01
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  1. While playing the game, press P or ~ to display the console window. Enter "sv_cheats 1" to enable cheat mode. If you entered the code correctly, the message "Server cvar 'sv_cheats' changed to 1" will appear. You can now enter one of the following codes to activate the corresponding cheat function. Note: Enabling cheat codes will disable achievements from being earned.
  2. Result  Cheat Code
  3. Toggle God mode for entire team         god [0 or 1]
  4. Toggle no clipping mode         noclip
  5. Toggle Incendiary Ammo upgrade  upgrade_add incendiary_ammo
  6. Toggle Explosive Ammo upgrade   upgrade_add explosive_ammo
  7. Toggle Laser Sight upgrade      upgrade_add laser_sight
  8. Toggle infinite ammunition      sv_infinite_ammo [0 or 1]
  9. Refill health   give health
  10. Refill ammunition       give ammo
  11. Get ammo for primary weapon     impulse 101
  12. Spawn double pistol     give pistol
  13. Spawn Magnum    give pistol_magnum
  14. Spawn auto shotgun      give autoshotgun
  15. Spawn chrome shotgun    give shotgun_chrome
  16. Spawn pump shotgun      give pumpshotgun
  17. Spawn SPAS shotgun      give shotgun_spas
  18. Spawn SMG       give smg
  19. Spawn silenced SMG      give smg_silenced
  20. Spawn AK-47     give rifle_ak47
  21. Spawn M16       give rifle
  22. Spawn combat rifle      give rifle_desert
  23. Spawn hunting rifle     give hunting_rifle
  24. Spawn sniper rifle      give sniper_military
  25. Spawn grenade launcher  give weapon_grenade_launcher
  26. Spawn Hunter claws      give melee
  27. Spawn Boomer Bile       give vomitjar
  28. Spawn chainsaw  give chainsaw
  29. Spawn frying pan        give frying_pan
  30. Spawn guitar    give electric_guitar
  31. Spawn katana    give katana
  32. Spawn machete   give machete
  33. Spawn nightstick        give tonfa
  34. Spawn Molotov cocktail  give molotov
  35. Spawn pipe bomb         give pipe_bomb
  36. Spawn active pipe bomb under you        boom
  37. Spawn propane tank      give propanetank
  38. Spawn gas can   give gascan
  39. Spawn oxygen tank       give oxygentank
  40. Spawn first aid kit     give first_aid_kit
  41. Spawn defibrillator     give defibrilator
  42. Spawn adrenaline        give adrenaline
  43. Spawn pain pills        give pain_pills

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